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Keywords: airport regulation, milano linate

The Airport Regulation contains all information on use of the airport and rules governing the operations of all entities using the airport system in regard to procedures concerning service levels and operational safety.

The Regulation is issued by the Airport Operator, with the contribution of ENAV for the activities that concern it (air traffic control), as provided by article 2, paragraph 3 of Leg. Decree no. 237 of 8 September 2004, enacted by Law no. 265 of 9 November 2004, pursuant to article 705 of the Navigation Act, and forms an integral and substantial part of the “terms and conditions of airport use”, pursuant to article 699 of the Navigation Act.

The Regulation was ratified by the Airport Management Office of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) with a specific Rule binding upon all entities that operate in the airport in whatever capacity.

Linate Airport Regulation

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Technical appendices to the Linate Airport Regulation

Ground Safety Report

Ground_Safety_Report (PDF 147 Kb)